JR Fisher also claims that the methods he’s used & is sharing with you enabled him to earn $27k in just one day – so is it actually legit or is Digital Cash Academy a scam that’s out to take your cash?

Let’s take a look…

What Exactly Is The Digital Cash Academy?

Digital Cash Academy HomepageThe Digital Cash Academy is an online training program that’s been put together by JR Fisher, a successful eCommerce store owner who claims he is going to teach you the methods he used to find success.

The course focuses on making money via drop shipping, which is basically where you source products from suppliers (but don’t buy them), then you list them on a website or other third-party websites for sale & then wait until somebody makes an order then get the supplier to ship the product directly to the customer.

So basically you’re waiting for people to actually buy things before you order them & get them sent to the customer, you’re never actually holding any stock – you’re essentially just doing the promoting.

Drop shipping is kind of like affiliate marketing in the sense that you never physically need to handle the products, but in my opinion affiliate marketing is better because you don’t need to deal with customer support either & there’s less room for things to go wrong, whereas dropshipping leaves you open to quite a few problems.

For example when it comes to drop shipping if somebody places an order but then you find that your supplier is unable to fulfill it then that is your problem & you have to deal with it which is annoying.

However, with affiliate marketing, you are simply connecting people with the products they are looking for & getting paid a commission from the product creator in return. If there are any problems it’s up to them to deal with it, not you.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing you should join Wealthy Affiliate (it’s free).

But anyway for those of you that are specifically interested in drop shipping let’s take a closer look at how the Digital Cash Academy works…

How Does The Digital Cash Academy Work?

Essentially the training inside the Digital Cash Academy teaches you how to source trending products before they’re trending (so that you can attempt to cash in), then it teaches you how to start a store, where best to list products & how you can source quality suppliers.

On the sales page, JR Fisher makes out like it’s all very easy & that you can literally start making money by following just 5 simple steps but the reality is that none of this will happen overnight, it will take a lot of work.

Firstly you must go through the training & learn how it all works, then you must work on sourcing products & building a store then you will be required to start advertising which takes a lot of trial & error.

So whilst the training found in the program is good, ultimately it’s a little hyped-up and you certainly won’t be able to just sign up & start making money as you’re almost led to believe on the sales page.

The other issue, in my opinion, is that the training focuses heavily on using paid traffic & as I mentioned above this takes a lot of trial & error so you should expect to burn through an awful lot of money.

If you don’t have a stack of cash to start out with then this might not be the program for you – and to be honest in that instance dropshipping probably wouldn’t be the best place to start, again I’d recommend affiliate marketing.

JR Fisher also makes some bold claims, such as the ability to make $27k in a single day. Whilst I believe he did do this & that it is possible, what you have to remember is that he got lucky with a trend.

This is not going to happen every single time, therefore you could predict a trend, put all your money into it only to find out that the trend dies out before you can make any of that money back. This is what happens.

So whilst you could make a fortune from one trend, you could lose an awful lot to others…

Therefore in the grand scheme of things $27k in one day might not equate to all that much, it could have taken several failed attempts to get there so overall the true profit margin may not be all that great.

That isn’t a knock on the program itself, it’s just that I personally don’t like having to rely on trends for an income which is why I haven’t really bothered with dropshipping much over the years myself.

My Verdict – Is Digital Cash Academy a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam, JR Fisher who created the system has found great success through eCommerce & he knows exactly what he’s talking about – but in my opinion dropshipping isn’t the greatest way to make money.

If you are interested in drop shipping or e-commerce as general though then the Digital Cash Academy program could give you some solid value to help you figure out better methods of detecting trends & picking out profitable products.