Website Well, what should I suppose to say? I’ve been there too. I pushed a lot of traffic to my sites. Paid ads, SEO, social, influencers, display ads, email marketing. Tens of thousands of people saw my sales pages but I still had 0.8% conversion rates. I tried everything. Optimize the traffic, targeting, A/B testing of creative, A/B testing of sales pages and nothing happened. Actually, it did, it brought up the conversion rate from 0.6% to 0.8%. Yeah, I know, that’s miserable. If I was selling products for thousands of dollars it would be cool, but I wasn’t. Most of the products were priced under $100 or somewhere around $150. Results were nothing extra.

One day I stumbled at a programme that offered already pre-made high converting sales and landing pages. In my mindset that day I said, “why not, I tried almost everything, but entrepreneurship is all about trying so you need to try even when the results you’ve got o far aren’t in your favor”. So I did.

The first week it seemed that this can help a bit, my conversion rates went a little bit over 1.1%. I was super pumped because in just one week I was able to push my conversion rates to over 1% which was something I’ve never thought about, based on my previous results.

I did some extra optimization with some of my campaigns, I did A/B testing again with the new pre-made pages and the next week the conversion rates went to almost 2.3%. This was absolutely marvelous! It was just a second week and I already tripled the conversion rates on products that I was struggling with for almost 2 years at that point. Insane results. If you think about it, it also doubled my revenue and profits. Crazy change but you know what is the best? It wasn’t me who brought those results to double the numbers, it was “some” programme. Till these days I thought about myself as a guru of pages optimization, PRO marketer that has several years of experiences and positive results. Nope, sometimes it’s good to realize that you don’t know everything.

Maybe it’s a good time to show you what programme I am talking about, okay? This programme is called Five Minute Profit Sites. I am not the only person that this programme was able to help. There are hundreds, thousands of marketers around the globe that was stunned by these results (you will find this in the programme).

Where is the magic? To be really honest with you, I don’t know. What I know is that this programme is made with the experiences of several TOP marketers in the industry. They have spent millions of dollars in the advertising to bring traffic to those websites. When it comes to the internet marketing it’s all about testing and learning from those results. You never know what can work until you test it. So if you are able to put a big data from several niches, websites, traffic sources together, you will see patterns and then you can adjust and optimize your sales and landing pages properly.

That’s just my pragmatic and logical point of view why this is working.

Do you want double, triple times your conversion rates? I would highly recommend trying this system.

By the way, the conversion rate went over 4.9% – most recent stats.