Hi, I am Travis.

From my early days, I always wanted to live my life the way I will like it. But when I grew up it didn’t seem as easy as I wish it was. I think you understand – relationships, people, problems, challenges, stress, kids, family, bills…

But I stumbled on a website where I heard the word “passive income” for the first time in my life. So I started to study, I started learning, I started asking the right questions and my income started slowly climbing up. Now I am here as a “teacher” or maybe the person, that can show you how you can put yourself in the same position.

The passive income I have was all about trying new things, learning, testing, studying, listening to other people, reading guides, watching YT videos. So basically I needed to build a foundation that can be used for all sorts of niches when making the passive income.

Nowadays I have a decent amount of passive income streams and that’s something I would love to teach and push for another people.

A pleasure to meet You!