Are You a Talker Or a Doer?

So you want to make money online, huh? A lot of people want that. A lot of people want to have a fit body. A lot of people want to live their life on their own. A lot of people want to have vacation all the year. A lot of people want to stop smoking. A lot of people want to stop drinking alcohol.

A lot of people have their mouth full of talking.

A lot of people don’t do anything about it.

You know what? I bet you know.

Because if you want something, your words won’t do anything about it.

It’s your actions that will make it possible.

If you are a talker… go away right now, this isn’t for talkers. This isn’t some magic formula that will miraculously add six figures to your bank account.

This isn’t some secret method that those online gurus are teaching and telling you that you will be a millionaire in 8 Weeks course for $997.

These are real methods that take work.

You will have to sit behind the computer and do these things.

You will be successful only if you will do.

BUT if you do, you have a big chance of succeeding in this world full of BS talkers.

Are you ready? Let’s get into it!


We have got together all methods that can potentially make you money. If you read the text above you know what it means “potentially” but for the records – it means that you will actually do.

The only variable is your work ethic and how fast you will be able to execute. I get it that somebody has an advantage because he is in the school so he has a full half day available to work on those methods but others have different advantages. For example experience, money to start and etc. I am not saying that you will need money for these methods, I am saying that if you will have some bucks on the side that this will help you on the start. But as you know how the world works, you won’t get anything unless you put something into it – time, money, etc. This is just a rule that the world has accepted and you can’t do anything about it.

These methods works, we have students that are making real money with those methods. We have our team that is also executing on those methods and it is filling up our fund for next investments.

Every method has its own guide which is necessary to follow and also has its own introduction ebook or video. But as you follow the guidelines of the method, think about your own twists how you can make it work better. You can use this after your methods will hit the point where it won’t go over some $ number weekly/monthly, you can add your twists and push it over that limit you’ve reached. Because nothing works forever and everybody is limited by their head and mind, so don’t be scared of trying new things. If Mark Zuckerberg was scared in his college, we will still be using MySpace probably. If Henry Ford was scared of trying new things, we will still be using horses instead of cars. These are just examples for your thoughts.

So remember, only if you do you will be successful.  


You won’t make any money unless you do and work. Everybody has different priorities and different talent/interest so pick the method based on your own mindset and wants.

TIP of the article

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