I am sure that if you land on this page you already know what passive income is and why everybody wants it, or maybe you heard it somewhere and now you are looking for more information and ways how can you make passive income for you and your family.

The best example of how can I show you how passive income works is by renting an apartment. So you saved a lot of money and you took a mortgage and with that money, you bought some property – apartment, flat, house, whatever.

Now you are looking for some people to live there and pay you money on the weekly/monthly basis, because you are the owner of that property, right?

This is the basic model of passive income. You are doing nothing and money is coming into your pockets. There are hundreds of another example but you get the point. The key is to have some service or property or product where people pay for using it/living in it.

A lot of other ways of making passive income require a lot of skills – for example, you must know how to programme because than you can programme some software that people will be using it and they will pay you a monthly fee – passive income.

Or you must write a great book that people will be buying every day and you will get passive income from these books.

Or you must make a lot of money to buy an apartment that you can rent.

You probably see the same obstacles that I saw a few years ago but I knew that there must be a different way that I will be able to have a passive income so I can enjoy life to the fullest with everything and everyone I want. That I won’t care about money, about paying bills, about buying food on a sale or in a fast food only.

So I started lurking the internet, it was a brand new thing so there weren’t gazillion pages, so basically, you needed to really go deep to find what you were looking for. Not that easy as it is these days.

But I dug into it and found probably the easiest way. A way which does not require you to have hundreds of thousands, not nearly a tens of thousands of dollars. Actually, it requires almost no money but earnings can be same or higher than with our apartment version.

Fast forward to the present. Here I am, with a six-figure a year passive income. No job, no boss, no 9 – 5. Just family, happy life, chill, travel. No stress about being able to pay the bills.

This way is a modern way of what I used the first time. This thing is a way that allows me to go from five-figure passive income to the six-figure.

And you can do it too. You can go even to the seven-figures, the system is almost unlimited, because of the power of the internet.

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Enjoy, Travis!